Other committees

Any member of the public may speak at meetings of the committees listed below, on any item which appears on the agenda for that meeting, provided that notice has been given to Democratic Services by 12.30pm on the working day before the meeting.

Audit Committee

Community Committee

Decision Review Committee

Governance Committee

*Joint Transportation Board

Licensing Committee

Policy and Resources Committee

*Regeneration and Property Committee

Standards Committee

Whitstable Harbour Board

* In relation to the Annual Parking Review, there will be no speakers heard on any application where they are supporting the officer recommendation and no councillor wishes to speak against it.

If speaking on behalf on an organisation

If a member of the public wishes to speak at meetings on behalf of an organisation they must submit a document in advance on each occasion, signed by three members of the organisation they represent, stating that they have a mandate to put the views of the organisation.

Notes for all speakers

If a member of the public wishes to speak to an item which is to be dealt with after the public have been excluded, he or she may only speak prior to the passing of the resolution to exclude the press and public.

The committee may refuse to allow a member of the public to speak or continue to speak if it appears that the speech is defamatory, mere vulgar abuse, inflammatory or for other good reason.