Trees and high hedges

Work to trees

You only need consent to do work to a tree if it is in a conservation area or has a Tree Protection Order.

Use the interactive planning map to find out if your tree is within a designated conservation area or has a Tree Protection Order.

If your tree is in a conservation area you should check whether you will need consent to carry out work.

If your tree is under a Tree Protection Order you will need to apply for consent.

Apply for consent

Complaining about high hedges

Before you involve us please check you've followed the advice on settling it yourself.

If we think your complaint is justified, we'll issue a formal notice to the hedge owner telling them what to do to solve the problem. If they ignore this notice, we may fine them up to £1,000.

The fee for making a complaint to us is currently £390. If you receive an income-related benefit, such as Income Support or Housing Benefit, this is reduced to £195.

Tell us about any benefits you receive

Make a complaint now

Further guidance on how we will deal with your complaint

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