The city council is seeking early views from local people on whether they would use a subway under Old Dover Road where it meets the ring road at Riding Gate roundabout.

Currently there is a puffin crossing at the location, which is a particularly popular crossing point for students using the nearby Canterbury Christ Church University. However, the frequency with which the lights are activated means traffic queues often back up, both onto the ring road and up Old Dover Road.

City councillors at a recent Canterbury Area Member Panel discussed the potential for a new subway to be built in that area and for the puffin crossing to be removed. However, before the council spends any public money on a study to see if the subway is feasible, it wants to know whether people would actually use it.

Transport and Environment Manager Richard Moore said: "Lots of people use this area so we know we need to provide help with crossing what is a busy road.

"But if we took the crossing out and built a subway, would people want to use it, or would they stay above ground and cross when there was a gap in the traffic? Are motorists held up enough by the puffin crossing to justify its removal?

"As ever we're seeking to get the right balance between the needs of motorists and pedestrians. This is informal consultation where we're trying to get an idea of whether there would be enough use of a subway to progress spending around £20,000 on the feasibility study. The input of local people at this early stage would be very helpful."

It is estimated the cost of building a new subway would be between two and three million pounds.

To make a comment, stating whether the response is from a motorist or pedestrian, email or go to the council's Facebook page.

The closing date for comments is Sunday 21 May.