Community Governance Review

The second stage of consultation on our Community Governance Review starts on Monday 22 January and will close on Sunday 18 March.

We’re encouraging people to respond to our online survey as the quickest and easiest way of getting involved, but you can also email us at with your comments.

Background information

A community governance review is our opportunity to look at the most local tier of government in the district. This means we will examine whether changes should be made to the current parish council arrangements and what should happen in the areas not covered by a parish or town council.

The aim of the review is to test whether we need to improve engagement with the community, change how local democracy works and alter the way local services are delivered.

We consulted on whether town councils should be set up in Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable and whether any changes were needed to the way parish councils work.

See full details of the previous stage of consultation and the proposed changes to parish councils.

Councillors concluded there was limited appetite for new town councils because of concerns over increasing the amount of council tax people have to pay and adding to the layers of bureaucracy.

However, it was clear there is a desire for local people and local councillors to have a greater say about decisions affecting their area.

They also felt we could do more to welcome members of the public to our meetings and encourage them to take part. We’re keen to hear your views on how we can do this.

When the consultation closes, we will consider all responses received and use them to make a final decision.

Below is an indicative timetable for the next steps:

Consideration of responses to consultation and preparation of final recommendations April to June 2018
Council approves the final recommendations Mid-July 2018
Council resolves to make a reorganisation order if appropriate By autumn 2018
New arrangements implemented May 2019

For more information about the review, read our frequently asked questions.

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